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ROME (AP) - Lucio Dalla, an Italian singer-songwriter who sold millions of records worldwide, died Thursday in Switzerland during a European concert tour, his management company said.

Dalla, 68, apparently died of a heart attack in a Montreux hotel after eating breakfast, according to Ph.D srl Music Managment, which is based in his native city of Bologna, Italy.

Dallas, whose musical genres ranged from folk to jazz to classical, gave a concert Wednesday in the Swiss city known for its music and "was in fine form," said Pascal Pellegrino, the director of Montreux's "culture season." Pellegrino said the performance was warmly applauded and Dalla stayed on to chat with fans.

Dalla's haunting melody "Caruso" sold 9 million copies worldwide and was sung by the late opera great Luciano Pavarotti with Dalla at a 1992 concert in Modena.

Dalla toured abroad frequently, including in the United States, sometimes with another famed Italian folkson g writer, Francesco De Gregori.

Italy's president, Giorgio Napolitano, was among those quickly paying tribute.

"(Dalla was) a strong and original voice who contributed to renew and promote Italian song in the world. He was an artist beloved by so many Italians of several generations," the president said in a condolence message.

Promoted by another Italian singer and songwriter, Gino Paoli, Dalla started performing in the 1960s. In 1977, Dalla's first album with songs written by himself - "How Deep is the Sea" - came out. He produced new albums nearly every year over the next few years, including the popular "Banana Republic."

Another popular song was his 1990 "Beware of the Wolf" on the album "Cambio," which sold nearly 1.4 million copies, according to Dalla's website.

His version of Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf" was performed in Rome's Santa Cecilia auditorium in 1997. He also wrote an opera "Tosca. Amore disperato," inspired by Puccini's Tos ca.

Dalla composed songs for some of Italy's most famous film directors, including Mario Monicelli, Michelangelo Antonioni, Carlo Verdone and Michele Placido.

Dalla had eclectic artistic interests, and was also the curator of a contemporary art gallery in Bologna for many years.

Much of Dalla's work was inspired by his passion for the sea. He had a home on the Tremiti Islands, a tiny archipelago off Italy's southeastern coast.

"(He) lived his whole life with the desire to amaze and the desire to be amazed," Italian singer Claudio Baglioni was quoted as saying by the Italian news agency LaPresse.

FRANCES D'EMILIO, Associated Press

Frank Jordans contributed from Geneva.

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Ciao Lucio,
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Una candella per Lucio!!! Le tue canzoni camminano sempre con tutti che ti amano sinceramente,,oggi e sempre!!! Buona notte,,Lucio!!!!

Volevo dire da quel Altro scritto""guardo il mare e suono le tue canzoni stasera e sempre!!! Questo iPad delle volte prende diverse lettere di quelli Che sceglio!!! Che l'amore di Dio sia sempre con te!!! Per un bravissimo uomo e cantante,,,tu sempre ci sarai!!! Buona notte ,,Lucio!!! Resta nella pace di Dio!!!!!

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Per Lucio,,
Ci manchi moltissimo!!! Le tue canzoni e paroli resterano per sempre!!! Non ti dimentichero' Mai!!! Le tue canzoni sono vicino al mio cuore!!! Spero tanto Che in nouvo mondo ci vedremo ancora!!! Suonero sempre in ricordo di te!!! Ti voglio bene!!!!!

You were too young to leave this world. Too much talent and love to give the world.....and more songs from your heart that will never be sung and written.....but with the can sing and write songs forever in the company of the Lord.

You will be greatly missed!!!!Your voice will live on forever!!!May god bless you always

You are singing with the good Lord now.