Neil Peart

Sep 12, 1952 – Jan 7, 2020 (Age 67)


September 12, 1952
January 7, 2020


Neil Peart was the drummer for the classic progressive rock band Rush. Known for his technical proficiency and his elaborate drum kit, Peart is considered by many to be one of the best rock drummers in history. For full obituary and coverage from, click here.

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On Rush's tour many yrs ago, it became a dream + a humble honor to be one of those fans whom the band chose to "play to" that night. Can you imagine? 3 hours of air-drumming w Neil while he watched to see if I knew the new songs. :-) That surreal night was made even more special when he & Alex were kind enough to give me one of his sticks! Alas I stopped playing over the years, but, since Neil's passing and in the spirit of his gift to me and in his honor, I have resumed...

Thank you for being a huge inspiration for me since the Mid-Late 80's. I am a professional drummer myself thanks in part to you. Rush was in a class by itself. I couldn't have been a deeper appreciator of your Music. You're a genius rhythmically, lyrically and I learned even more about your impressive character after your passing. What a humble, sincere, deep, questing, tenacious soul you are. Wishing you new ineffable heights & glorious adventures in the life beyond.

Thinking of You, Neil, and also Praying for Your Parents and Family, as well... Some are Born to Rule the World !!!
Rest in Peace in the Heavenly "Garden"... Your devoted Fans

A day does not go by where I still shed tears for the loss of this singular brilliant man. I can’t imagine how Alex and Getty get through each day
And Carrie and Neils daughter Olivia.
Profound sadness . I listen to his lyrics and Rush’s music each day on the drive and reminisce about the first time I was exposed to their music.
Rush’s music shaped a generation of listeners and truly defined our upbringing and who we are today. I continue to read Neil’s books regularly and...

I come from a family of drummers. My dad, and two uncles. My dad’s youngest brother idolized Rush so much that his license plate was 2112.
So naturally i also grew up loving Rush and admiring Neil Peart.
But i am also a bird watcher, avid reader and fell in “love” with the man after reading his books. And my Drummer Uncle lives in Santa Monica and met Mr. Peart at “The Farms” one day. What a gracious and private, decent man. What a sweet, loving soul. My heart breaks for his...

Neil, you simply were the best drummer I ever heard!! Three guys who blew rock through the roof!! I love Rush so much! I'm so sorry you got sick and my deepest condolences go out to Geddy, Alex and the entire rest of your family. Rest in peace.

Neil was a positive role model for me and the reason i am a drummer today. I will always miss him and continue to play drums til i die...RIP

Rest in Peace, Neil... It's hard to believe that it's been 1-Year since You Passed Away... "Suddenly You were Gone"...

“ And when the music STOPS There’s only the sound of the rain BRAVADO