Norm Macdonald


Norm Macdonald was a comedian who anchored “Weekend Update” on “Saturday Night Live” for several years in the 1990s.

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My sympathies go out to his mother Fern, his son Dylan and the Macdonald family. When I found out about his passing, I was in shock. Then I went to YouTube and watched hours and hours of his appearances. He was very funny, of course but you could see that he had a deeper side to his personality. I will miss him.

Your amazing talent lifts me up. Sadness envelops me at times since the loss of my daughter but I watch you and the tears I have are from laughter and wash the pain away for awhile. I will always me grateful for that and I wish you could know that. My sympathy to your family, especially your mom...a child is the greatest loss.
Thank you, RIP. Enola

Norm you were the heart and soul of comedy!

What a talent! ALWAYS my favorite! I remember playing golf in Los Angeles one time and the gentleman ringing me up said hey there’s a weird guy out there near your bag, he’s wearing a red shirt. I go out there and it is Norm Macdonald! This was 2000, 2001 maybe? He was with an attractive girl and it was obvious that neither of them it was they were doing. We ended up playing behind him and they quit after about three holes. I never even said anything to him, just respecting his privacy which...

I have been laughing along to Norm for nigh on a score and ten, and he continues to make me laugh and leaves a smile I can wear all day. Laughter is a miraculous gift.
I mourn like so many for this man who held such intelligence and insight, and who loved so deeply. His words on faith and God helped me when I needed them. I will be at every show if he is holding them in the hereafter, maybe he will even give me some pointers.
He has touched many lives and showed such kindness,...

We love you and miss you SO MUCH Norm....

Norm, the world just won’t be the same without you. Your comedy was to me and so many others, the gold standard. There is not another like you. Other than your comedy, many of your conversations on Larry King and radio were so thought provoking, you were a deep thinking human being, a beautiful human being. You will be so sadly missed.
Love ❤ to your loved ones

When I got down in the dumps, I watch Norm, and I always will

Norm Macdonald was a very, very funny man. The tone of his voice and his unique delivery could be both profound and disparaging at the same time. I found that extremely attractive as a comedic trait. He could be gentle and aggressive, serious and light, sympathetic and angry. He could perm all combinations with consumate ease. He was a member of a small group of comic performers I considered 'my favourites'.
Norm Macdonald was a very, very funny man and that's what comedians are...