Paul W. Tibbets


Paul Tibbets, who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima from a B-29 named for his mother, died Thursday at 92. Tibbets, who grew up in Miami, insisted until the end that he had no regrets. ''I was assigned to do a job [and] I did it with no personal feelings entering into the mission,'' he told...

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We met in Richland, Wash., at one of your book signings. You signed a book for me and I signed my book for you. I remember you said, "I sure wish I could be out there on the Columbia River with a cold beer. There were four hundred WW2 veterans lined up outside to meet and thank you for dropping the bomb. They all to a man felt that they would not have survived an invasion of Japan's home islands. God Bless you, Paul.

Though I haven't seen you, I have one of your pictures at Columbus. U R Never Forgotten.
U R Remembered by the Richard J. Weber Family.

I was thinking of Paul again who was VP for Operations at Executive Jet Aviation during the three years I worked there as Dispatcher in 1960's & 70's. It was great to see some names and MOTTS Military Museum, Groveport, Ohio (where I graduated H.S. in 1943 mentioned.). I usually visit the Museum when I visit OHIO, and always happy to see Paul's Large portrait featured on the wall. A great man and a good boss to work for, after my 6 +
Navy and 14 + USAF years.. CAPT. PAUL E.

Thank you for your service. It makes me proud to know someone from my hometown (and Florida Gator), helped hasten the end of that terrible war with zero apologies. My kids sleep safely because of your service.

God bless you sir. It was a pleasure to met and talk to you back in 2005.

I had the honor to meet, shake hands and have the General sign his book for me at a Confederate Air Force function in 1997 in Midland, Texas. What a thrill it was. God Bless you General and your family. Rest in Peace.

General Tibbets was a true American hero. General Tibbets came through Yuma Arizona once and I as a news reporter was granted an interview with the General. What a thrill and honor that day was. May God be with all who knew him.
Gregory Gardner
Yuma, AZ

Paul Tibbets was a guest at the Lunken Air Show in Cincinnati in 2004. I was Director of Safety and Security. His well-being was my responsibility while he spoke with attendees and signed books, etc. I really enjoyed my time with Paul while I stayed with him during his entire visit. He signed my Air Show poster, which will be kept by my family, permanently. Ron Ferrier, U.S. Air Force Veteran

God BlessPaul and I thank God for men like him with the courage to do what had to be done