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New York, New York


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Singer With Dance Moves
Pauline Tull-Francis lent her operatic soprano voice to her church and largely reserved her dance moves for family gatherings, where she would be on the dance floor the first chance she got, said her daughter, Debby Williams. A native of Barbados, Ms. Tull- Francis, 56, was partial to reggae, calypso and other rhythms of the Caribbean, but she could also groove to Ella Fitzgerald and Celine Dion.

Ms. Tull-Francis, who lived in Brooklyn with her husband and had four grown children and five grandchildren, was also a nurturer with a big, radiant smile. "She was always feeding someone," Ms. Williams said. "She just had to cook."

A food-service employee at Cantor Fitzgerald, she also helped feed traders on the 104th floor of 1 World Trade Center, where she started her workday at 6 a.m. Among the condolences that poured in after her body was recovered a week after the attacks, one in particular touched her family deeply. It came from a woman who had never met her but whose husband, a broker who was also killed, had often told her how wonderful Ms. Tull-Francis was. "That was confirmation of the kind of person my mom was," Ms. Williams said. "She had a big heart. She hated to see people hungry."

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Continue to sleep in peace.. you are not forgotten.

Remembering Pauline on the 20th anniversary of 9/11...

Continue to sleep in Peace...Miss your lovely smile

Continue to Rest in peace

I thought I was strong enough but don't matter how long it's been I'm not strong enough you was alway the strongest I love you mum.

I thought I was strong enough but don't matter how long it's been I'm not strong enough you was alway the strongest I love you mum.

today just like every other day i thought of my mum, out of no where i decided to google my mother's name, to see if her name was written in history then i cried again and again to see my mum smiling face and the comments thank you all i know my mum was truly loved. i still leave the light on for you mum i love you.

Dearest Momma P,
I wish I had the opportunity to meet you. Your memory lives on in the storytelling of your dear daughter. She tells me we have so much in common and that you and I would have shared some wonderful times in the kitchen. I thank you boundlessly for sending her to me. She has enriched my life in so many ways in such a very short time. Please watch over her...over us...and send us your blessing.
With the greatest respect and adoration,

I am the son of Pauline Tull-Franci
In My Pocket

I have memories in my pocket.
They rattle among the change.

My memories of you are treasures I carry wherever I go.

They are stored in bits and pieces, parts of a beautiful whole
They give me comfort when I think I am alone.

Yes, I have memories in my pocket, like so much other stuff I keep there.

But of all the treasures I have, it’s the memories of you that are the most...