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Robert Willis Coller

Pinckney, Michigan

Jun 26, 1948 – Oct 13, 2020 (Age 72)


June 26, 1948
October 13, 2020
Pinckney, Michigan


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Borek Jennings Funeral Home - Shelters Chapel - Pinckney Obituary

Robert Willis Coller, 72.


Robert was born in Jackson Michigan in 1948 to Maxwell and Ruth Coller, the youngest of three, with two older sisters, Donna and Maxine (Miki). Tragically, only six months after his birth, he would lose his father to an auto accident. His exceptional...

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Not sure what to say?

He helped me and many though life every time I think about him I cry. He was a wonderful man.

Bob married Jake and Rachel

I really miss him.

Missing you xx

I only just heard about this, via Metafilter, and I am devastated. Bob and I were friends on Metafilter, Twitter, and Facebook. Bob was such a sweet, sweet man, and his posts about his dogs were one of the best things on Facebook - his obvious delight and joy in them made my day whenever they appeared. His gentle sense of humor was an oasis in the angry sea that is social media.
I will miss you Bob. Thank you for your friendship, I will always treasure it.


Best friend for 4 years, growing up in Jackson, Michigan. Originally fishing together, we became trapping partners, learning and studying the outdoors together. Scouting out area streams and lakes before the season opened, we studied the habits of muskrats, raccoons, and mink. We subscribed to Outdoor Life and Fur, Fish and Game magazines, reading everything we could find. Bob, in later years, wrote several stories about those years. One was about us catching our first (and only) mink....

His presence online was amazing and filled with kindness, brilliance, and ferocity of spirit. The world is a little bit sadder and less wise without him.

Many of my fondest school memories were with Bob, Kay Christman, and David Newhouse. We were nerdy followers of our biology teacher, Clarence Owens. We caught frogs to feed his snakes and cleaned their cages. We volunteered to be teacher assistants for his summer school science programs. I can remember the four of us armed with butterfly nets rambling with herds of kids through the Cascades.
Later in life, we corresponded on Facebook. He was extremely proud of Wesley’s accomplishments...

I'm a former student of COPE, and Bob was the first person I met he had his siberian husky with him which reminded me of my own, she was always with him, and we loved it when he brought her around. Bob was a laid back kind of dude. Always going out of his way to make sure we enjoyed our time at COPE. I am grateful to have known you as well as all of the staff at COPE. As I said in my Facebook post, y'all made me the man I am today, y'all helped me out immensely, and for that I thank you. I do...

Bossman Bob,
I would like to tell you that you will be missed. You were my friend and boss for 17 years. You loved that I named my first son Maxwell, because your dad shared the name. You adored my Yukon and got yourself a Lara. I am quite certain that no one was more delighted then me, when you decided to bring her to work everyday. I think I loved her only second to you.
You were always so good to my children, beginning with Sarah and the tea parties in the secret...