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Godspeed Roger, and, "we'll see you at the movies."

EBERT, THE BEST CRITIC, I took one's reviews very seriously because one was spot on the money everytime. I miss your reviews its not the same since you been gone...PRAYERS and BLESSINGS to family and friends

I finally got here not to good with a computer. May u rest in peace and continue your work in Heaven.You will be known there too as a wonderful person. You are the greatest in the world.You will do the same in Heaven as u did here with your work. God and all the people will be all waiting to see what you write. u inspire me so much

To Roger Ebert,
You were a great movie critic for the program at the movies. My prayers go to your family and friends. Lisa Weiner

Roger was a neighbor on E. Washington St., Urbana. His mother--and several of his neighbors--and my mother were friends. He was a schoolmate. And he was the modern writer I most admired. We learned of his passing while we were in New York involved with last minute festivities associated with the wedding of our daughter to another actor. It seemed impossible because I always thought of Roger as someone who would somehow always be with us. In a way, he is. Chaz and family, I have thought of you...

His gift will not be forgotten. My prayers are with the family and this sad time. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

To Roger Ebert,
You were a great critic for the movies. My prayers go to you, your family, and friends. God Bless you Mr. Ebert for being a great movie critic. Great job! Well done. Lisa Weiner

Sending prayers and strength to Chaz and the Ebert family. Roger will be deeply missed. I always read his reviews. I miss those reviews. He was a strong courageous man, someone to be admired.