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New York, New York


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Christmas Boy
Like many adults who are still children at heart, Scott M. Davidson loved Christmas. In fact, his friends in Staten Island called him Christmas Boy.

One year he drove up to Perry Seridge's apartment with Christmas tree lights strung around his car, all lighted up. When cautioned that wiring lights to the car battery could be unsafe, he held up a finger and began rummaging through the pile of sweaty basketball clothes in his back seat.

After a few minutes, Firefighter Davidson, 33, a member of Ladder Company 118 in Brooklyn Heights, found what he was looking for: a fire extinguisher. Triumphantly, he proclaimed, "I got it covered."

Firefighter Davidson was also a bartender; the father of Peter, 8, and Casey, 4; a substitute teacher at Intermediate School 49 near his home in Brooklyn, and an unabashed patriot long before the World Trade Center fire that he died fighting on Sept. 11.

"He loved all things American," Mr. Seridge said. "I used to think it was kind of rare, really, especially for a young guy who had never been in a war. Looking at it now, it was nice. He'd be really happy now that everyone would have flags out."

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Thank you for your service. I am from Wisconsin and am a huge fan of your son. I'm sure you are so proud of him. He cracks me up so freaking bad... I fell in love with him on SNL and went You Tube binging and that introduced me to you and your sacrifice. I took my son, Irie, to the 911 memorial. I will never be the same. You're a beautiful soul. I hope your children know you're spirit is with them :) I'm 48...Petes Netflix special is great. I know your buddies were telling the truth...

Hey Scott, just want you to know that I will be climbing again in Charlotte NC for you and your buddies, Leon, Vernon, Joseph, Bob, Bob, Marty and Peter. Will carry your pics and be proud of what you did for NYC. 118 STRONG

Hey Scott
18 years...none of the kids in my class have any idea. i do my best to show them and educate them that this country is about freedom and the acts of 9/11 have not compromised that freedom, but certainly changed how we can love it. I thank you again for your sacrifice and will always be here for your kids. Peter is doing great, the tv & movie career exploding, Casey , you would be so proud! But then again I know u are...
we miss you here.. keep diving for...

Hi Scott. Just wanted you to know that you remain in my heart and I think of you often. Memory Eternal

thank you!!!!!!!!

Hi Scott, you are and you crew are never forgotten; I will be climbing on Sept 14 in Charlotte NC for you and the boys. Going to 118 House the week before and spend time where you were happy. I love you 8 and I promise you will be kept in memory forever. 118 STRONG!!!!

Thanks for doing all you could to save lives on 9-11 at the World Trade Center.
You would be so proud of your son Pete being on Saturday Night Live and his movie career.

My heart is broken just finding out about this. I love in NJ and I'll never forget that day. My prayers are with you Pete!! Xoxo

Scott, another Christmas with you being gone, praying for your family and we here in Fort Mill Team 118 will never forget you and will keep your family in prayer. Thank you Scottie for your service. 118 STRONG