Howard Selwyn

Howard Selwyn
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An Accent on Soccer

Howard Selwyn and his wife, Ruth, talked funny because they were from England. At least that was the explanation that their two sons, who were raised on Long Island, would often give to friends when they felt the situation required an explanation. "It's very strange for two Brits to have these all- American kids," said Ruth Selwyn, Mr. Selwyn's wife, laughing.

The couple moved from London to New York in 1981, originally planning to stay for two years. Two decades later, Hewlett, N.Y., is home for Mrs. Selwyn and sons James, 19, and Alex, 10.

Mr. Selwyn's accent became more Americanized over time, but he never lost his British craze for soccer. At times he would slip and call it football. When he was not working at Maxcor/Eurobrokers, it was all soccer all the time. Weekends were devoted to coaching in his sons' league and playing goalie on an over-40 team called the Blue Baldies. He followed his favorite team, Leeds United, on cable. When he could not find a game elsewhere, he would tune into the Spanish-language channels.

Mr. Selwyn, 47, and a partner opened a soccer store in Hewlett called Soccer Central on Aug. 30.

"It was a dream fulfilled," Mrs. Selwyn said. "As a family we want to continue it for him."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 17, 2001.

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