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How Much Does the Average Funeral Cost?

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Knowing in advance how much a funeral costs can help you save money in the end.

The average funeral with burial costs $8,755, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. But what does that include, what does it not include, and how much can it vary?  

Here's how that average breaks down on a line-by-line basis. As you see, it covers individual costs for the transfer of the body, embalming, viewing, funeral ceremony, casket, burial, and service fees.

Cremation typically is less expensive than burial. The average funeral with cremation costs $6,260 and includes transfer of the body, embalming, viewing, funeral ceremony, cremation casket, urn, and service fees. 

Not included in these averages are cemetery costs, headstone or marker, flowers, music, food, and other common elements of a funeral or memorial service. The cost of a funeral can be higher depending on specific selections made, style of casket, and other items. Funeral costs have been rising over the past decades, and it’s not uncommon for a family to spend more than $10,000 on a loved one’s memorial. 

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Why We Need Funerals 

A funeral can be expensive, but it is a ritual with purpose. We need funerals — funerals help us accept the reality of death and give us an opportunity to grieve, connect with others, and honor our loved ones. Funerals are how we say goodbye and begin to understand and cope with the loss of a loved one. 

Paying for a Funeral 

It is possible to plan a meaningful funeral and stay within a manageable budget. Prepaying the funeral in advance is one way to control costs. Taking advantage of available funeral benefits can also help offset expenses. Learn more about how to pay for a funeral

How to Shop for a Funeral Home

When planning a funeral, be a smart shopper. Compare funeral home offerings and fees to make considered choices. Ask for a general price list or GPL to help you understand the types of services offered as well as their costs. (Visit for more info and a funeral pricing checklist.) 

Save Money by Planning in Advance 

The more you can prepare ahead of time, before a loved one has died — or before your loved ones are grieving for you — the more you can customize and get the funeral you want at a fair price. And the easier it will be for your family when the time comes. Download Legacy’s free funeral planning guide to learn more. 

Funeral Cost Breakdown 

Here is a breakdown from the NFDA of funeral services and costs for both burial and cremation. 

National Median Cost of an Adult Funeral with Viewing and Burial

National Median Cost of an Adult Funeral with Viewing and Cremation

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