Ann Miller: Top of the Taps


Born 90 years ago today, Ann Miller was a multitalented star – she could sing, she could act, she was funny – but all these skills were eclipsed by her magnificent dancing. Specifically, tap dancing. Miller was such an incomparable tap dancer that, according to legend, she could tap 500 times per minute.
The legend may not be entirely true – in fact, it seems to have been invented by Miller's publicists. But when you see Ann Miller in action, you realize it’s not too far off.




If that's not 500 taps per minute, it's certainly close – and definitely more than we can begin to count. We have no qualms about crowning Ann Miller the Top of the Taps. And today we're tipping our top hats to her tap shoes … and watching her do what she did best.

Tapping with Ginger Rogers in "Stage Door" – Miller was only 14 years old:





Singing and dancing in "Kiss Me Kate":





Setting up the joke in a legendary Stan Freberg-created commercial:





Guest-starring on "The Love Boat," along with Carol Channing, Ethel Merman, Cab Calloway, Della Reese, and Van Johnson:





At 66 years old, she was still out-tapping the competition:





Written by Linnea Crowther