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Harvey Korman Cracks Us Up

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Harvey Korman Cracks Us Up

Harvey Korman was known for his great comedic acting. But that wasn't the number one reason fans of The Carol Burnett Show loved him. What really set him apart was his tendency to break character and laugh in the middle of a scene. Costar Tim Conway was especially good at getting Korman to crack.

Despite Korman's inability to choke back laughter while acting – or maybe because of it, as it's awfully endearing to see a star unable to control his laughter when we're laughing too – his work on the show was much celebrated. He won four Emmy awards and a Golden Globe while with The Carol Burnett Show.

Though it won him his greatest accolades, The Carol Burnett Show was far from the only gig we loved Korman in. He was a regular in Mel Brooks's movies, with an especially notable turn as Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles.

Korman did great voiceover work, too – Great Gazoo voiceover work, that is. Korman’s talent with accents brought to life the little green nemesis of “dum-dums” Fred and Barney on The Flintstones.

In memory of Harvey Korman, we hope you'll take a moment today to crack up.