Remembering Jonathan Winters

With the death of legendary improv comic Jonathan Winters on Apr. 11, 2013, the world of comedy has lost one of its most unique and interesting voices. 

Generations of audiences have enjoyed the quirky characters brought to life by Winters, who began in the early 1950s and was still going strong at the time of his death (he just completed work on yet-to-be-released Smurfs 2 as the voice of Papa Smurf). Over the course of a long and rich career, Winters did a little bit of everything. Today we offer just a small sampling of our favorites in celebration of his life and legacy.

Early improv work

Stand-up comedy on the Jack Paar show

Supernatural strength in screwball comedy It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

A recurring character, Maude Frickert

An unusually tall baby on Mork & Mindy


We could go on and on for days with the great clips of Jonathan Winters' work. The amazing breadth of his career and depth of his talent guarantee he'll never be forgotten.