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Freeda Foreman (1976 - 2019), daughter of George Foreman

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Boxed professionally with a 5-1 record...

Freeda Foreman was a former professional boxer and the daughter of heavyweight champion boxer George Foreman. She boxed professionally as a middleweight in 2000 and 2001, retiring with a 5-1 record in order to raise her family. In the years after her boxing career ended, she worked as a boxing promoter and served as executive director of the George Foreman Youth and Community Center.

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Died: March 9, 2019 (Who else died on March 9?)

Details of death: Died at home in Houston, Texas at the age of 42.

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Carrying on the family name: George Foreman famously named all five of his sons George, “so they would always have something in common.” But he didn’t end the tradition with his sons, naming his daughter Freeda George Foreman. “If one of us goes up,” her father noted on his personal website, “then we all go up together, and if one of us goes down, we all go down together!”

On her famous name: “My father gave me George as my middle name so I could never forget my roots. It has been an honor having a man who represents so many good things be part of my name.” —Foreman in an interview with

A devastated dad speaks out: “Daddy I want to box, ‘Get an education first’ I said, well she brought the bacon home (degree), 2 kids, 3 grands (Husband). First Sunday in 42 years without my Freeda. She’s with her maker now. 10 kids forever. Just 1 more day I wanted, okay 1 more year, aw 1 more decade.” —George Foreman via Twitter

Full obituary: Houston Chronicle

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