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Joshua "Li'l Boy" Shintani

Getty Images / Vince Bucci

Joshua "Li'l Boy" Shintani

Joshua "Li'l Boy" Shintani, a former teenage actor who appeared in the 2001 comedy "Shallow Hal," has died, according to multiple news sources. He was 32.

Shintani died of pneumonia on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. TMZ reported that Shintani's mother escorted her son to a hospital emergency room early last week, and doctors diagnosed the advanced case of pneumonia.

Shintani was a senior in high school when the film director Peter Farrelly, on vacation at the time, discovered the young man's charming ukulele-playing and singing skills. He gave Shintani a cameo appearance in "Shallow Hal," performing "Never Forget Where I'm From." It was a scene with the comic actor Jack Black.

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It was the young man's only film, but TMZ said Shintani became a local legend after appearing in the motion picture.

"This red rental car comes by," Shintani once said, "and the man driving passed me and stared at me and gave me this look; his mouth was open. He stops at the corner where I was at, and he asked me to come over, and asked me if I want to be in a movie. An' I was like, 'what?'"

He once commented on the subject of making movies.

"You don't work hard," he said, "you just wait hard."

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