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Nathaniel Taylor (1938–2019), “Sanford and Son” star

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Actor played Lamont’s friend Rollo on the sitcom

Nathaniel Taylor was best known for his role as Lamont’s friend Rollo on the classic 1970s sitcom, “Sanford and Son.” He played the character as well on the 1980 spinoff series “Sanford.” Other roles include Rerun’s brother in law on “What’s Happening!!” and a guest appearance on “Adam-12.”  Fred Sanford and Rollo were known for their humorous banter on the show.  

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Died: February 27, 2019 (Who else died on February 27?)  

Details of death: Died from a heart attack, according to friend Alonzo Williams. 

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Tributes for Nathaniel Taylor: “#RIP to one of the coolest TV characters and actors...#NathanielTaylor aka Rolloo, Rita Lawson's son on Sanford and Son.” —Brian Keith on Twitter 

“A man who never got the true respect or credit he was due as an artist. I just read a news report that he died today. This one kinda hit hard, if true. RIP Rollo. “ —Stanley Bridges on Twitter 

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