Spent a total of 70 days in space

Owen Garriott was a NASA astronaut-engineer who flew aboard Skylab 3 in 1973 and was part of the crew for Space Shuttle Columbia in 1983. He served in the Navy and was selected for NASA in 1965. Skylab 3 set a record at the time for duration in space at 60 days, his crewmates were Commander Alan Bean and Pilot Jack Lousma. Garriott later became the Director of Science and Applications at Johnson Space Center.

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Died: Monday, April 15, 2019 (Who else died on April 15?)

Details of death: Died at his home in Huntsville, Alabama, at the age of 88, according to NASA.

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Astronauts paid tribute: “Saddened to learn the passing of former Astronaut Owen Garriott who pioneered long-duration spaceflight aboard #Skylab.” —Scott Kelly, who spent a U.S.-record one year aboard the International Space Station, on Twitter

“Astronaut Owen Garriott was a good friend and an incredible astronaut. I have a great sadness as I learn of his passing today. Godspeed Owen.” —Buzz Aldrin on Twitter

Full obituary: New York Times

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