Two people were killed in a shooting on campus

Two people were killed in a shooting on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte on Tuesday. Four others were injured, three of whom are in critical condition.

The university released the names of the shooting victims on Wednesday morning.

Ellis Parlier, 19, was from Midland, North Carolina.

Riley Howell, 21, was from Waynesville, North Carolina. 

The shooting took place as finals week began at the university. Student Tristan Field tweeted: "He just started shooting during our final presentations and we all ran out. We were just doing presentations and someone started shooting up the room. ... Why here? Why today? Why UNC Charlotte? Why my classroom? What did we do?"

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper told reporters, "A student should not have to fear for his or her life when they are on our campuses. Parents should not have to worry about their students when they send them off to school. And I know that this violence has to stop."

Former U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, herself a survivor of gun violence, tweeted, "I am so sorry for these young people and their families. We fail as a nation when we fail to protect our children. You deserve better."

A vigil is planned for Wednesday on campus.

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