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In Death, Brayden Denton Continues His Fight / Nick Ehrhardt

In Death, Brayden Denton Continues His Fight

Brayden Denton, 4, died this month after fighting to survive a brain tumor, a battle his mother, Staci, said was fit for a superhero. In life, Brayden was a devoted fan of the larger-than-life superheroes of movie and comic books, his favorite being Spider-Man. Just like the superhuman stars Brayden loved so much, he fought bravely to the end of his life, but eventually his body gave out and he stopped breathing, according to Staci Denton.

Brayden received a hero's burial, with six of his favorite superheroes serving as pallbearers, including his uncle, Cory Denton, standing in for Thor.

Brayden Denton’s casket (Facebook, via Brayden Denton Foundation)

Though Brayden was buried this month, his fight against brain tumors continues, thanks to his mother and her decision to donate Brayden's tumor to aid medical researchers working to understand the deadly growths. Perhaps Brayden's contribution will help future heroes win their fights.

Read Brayden Denton's full obituary at and find out more from the Brayden Denton Foundation.