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Stranger Honors Stillborn Baby with Memorial

Shutterstock / ziviani

What would you do for a stranger grieving the loss of her baby?

In July 2013, Valarie Watts suffered a terrible loss: her son Noah was stillborn.

Months later, in April 2014, the Minnesota mother reluctantly parted with the crib she had purchased for her son, selling the bed in a garage sale.

A local woodworker, Gerald Kumpula, purchased the crib. As reported by Fox 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul, Kumpula heard Watts's story and was moved to make a memorial to Noah. Kumpula crafted a bench, made from the bed that Noah would have slept and grown in.

He gave the bench to Watts, who was moved to tears by the unexpected gift. "It's amazing, and there's good people out there," she told Fox 9. "There's proof."


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