Died August 31

Diana, Princess of Wales, was widely admired, in her native England and abroad. The shy 20-year-old who married Prince Charles and became a princess blossomed into a confident and socially conscious woman who worked with causes including homelessness, removal of land mines, and HIV and AIDS awareness. She took a nontraditionally hands-on approach to raising her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, endearing herself to the public as she traveled with them and devoted herself to their care. The world mourned at her shocking death in a car accident at 36. We remember Princess Diana's life today as well as the lives of other notable people who died this day in history.

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2014: Jimi Jamison, U.S. singer who was a member of Survivor and sang on their hits including "Is This Love?" and "Burning Heart," dies at 63.

Jimi Jamison (Wikimedia Commons / James L. Dickerson)Jamison joined the group in 1984, after it had already become known for "Eye of the Tiger," the theme song to the Sylvester Stallone film "Rocky III." With Jamison replacing vocalist Dave Bickler, the band had several more hits and remained a popular touring act in recent years. Jamison also co-wrote and sang "I'm Always Here," the theme to "Baywatch." Read more





2013: David Frost, English journalist and television host known best for his 1977 interview with former President Richard M. Nixon, dies of a heart attack at 74.

In 1977, Frost approached Nixon's staff about a series of interviews. They seemed to think that Frost would be a soft interviewer, someone who could be easily outwitted. Nixon was also in need of cash and Frost agreed to pay him $600,000 – much of it from his own pocket – and 20 percent of the syndication fees for the interview. Many mainstream news organizations denounced the move as "checkbook journalism." But after a month of interviews was edited down into four 90-minute-long programs, they may have regretted that assessment. Read more




2012: Joe Lewis, U.S. kickboxer, karate fighter, and actor who is considered one of the greatest fighters in karate history and who acted in martial arts films, dies of a brain tumor at 68.

2007: Gay Brewer, U.S. professional golfer who won 10 PGA titles including the 1967 Masters Tournament, dies of lung cancer at 75.

Brewer won the 1967 Masters for his lone major title a year after he lost an 18-hole playoff to Jack Nicklaus. In 1966, Brewer three-putted the 72nd hole to fall into the playoff with Nicklaus and Tommy Jacobs. Read more





2004: Carl Wayne, English singer who was the lead vocalist for the rock band the Move during the 1960s and joined the Hollies much later in that band's history, dies of throat cancer at 61.

2002: Lionel Hampton, U.S. jazz vibraphonist who is considered one of the great names in jazz history and played with Benny GoodmanBuddy Rich, and Charlie Parker, dies of complications of old age and a heart attack at 94.

Hampton began his musical career as a drummer, but the drums weren't how he would eventually distinguish himself. Once he took up the vibraphone, he found his niche and became one of the most acclaimed jazz musicians of all time. Read more





2000: Patricia Owens, Canadian-born U.S. actress known best for her role as the wife of scientist Andre Delambre in the sci-fi horror classic "The Fly," dies at 75.

2000: Lucille Fletcher, U.S. author and screenwriter whose work included the film noir classic "Sorry, Wrong Number," dies at 88.

1997: Princess Diana, English princess of Wales who was the first wife of Prince Charles, dies in an auto accident at 36.

She was just 36 when she died, a young woman who gave us so many of the things we look for in an international celebrity: beauty and style, love and scandal, great heights and occasional lows. But as we have watched her sons become men (and go through love and scandal of their own), the things we remember best about Diana are the positives. She was committed to helping others, with an impressive group of charities she supported. She was a devoted mother, one who was determined to raise her sons herself. And, if we're being honest about the things we loved about her, she was a style icon, a woman who, like her daughter-in-law Kate today, delighted us with her sensibly fabulous fashion. Read more




1990: Nathaniel "Sweetwater" Clifton, U.S. professional basketball player who played with the Harlem Globetrotters and became the second African-American to sign with an NBA team, dies at 67.

1979: Sally Rand, U.S. burlesque dancer and actress who was famous for her fan and bubble dances, who also appeared in many silent movies, dies of congestive heart failure at 75.

1973: John Ford, U.S. movie director who won four Academy awards and whose classic films include "Stagecoach," "The Searchers," and "The Grapes of Wrath," dies at 79.

1969: Rocky Marciano, U.S. professional boxer who was the world heavyweight champion from 1952 until 1956 and was undefeated during his career with 49 victories, including 43 by knockout, dies in a plane crash at 45.

1968: Dennis O'Keefe, U.S. actor who appeared in many B-movies and had his own sitcom on CBS in 1959, dies at 60.

1948: Billy Laughlin, U.S. child actor known best for playing Froggy in the "Our Gang" short films in the 1940s, dies in an accident at 16.

Click to discover notable people who were born this day in history including the cool James Coburn.