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Died November 18

James Coburn won an Academy Award for his performance as Glen Whitehouse in "Affliction," and though it was his only Oscar, it was far from his only fantastic performance. Tall, lanky, and as cool as they come, Coburn also shined in films including "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Great Escape." His James Bond parody "Our Man Flint" was slick and funny, while in "Duck, You Sucker!", he was able to work with the great Western director Sergio Leone. In his personal life, Coburn was a lover of fast cars who owned a number of Ferraris as well as a super-rare Spyder. We remember Coburn's life today as well as the lives of other notable people who died this day in history.

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2017: Malcolm Young, hard driving rhythm guitarist for AC/DC, dies at 64.

2016: Sharon Jones, U.S. soul and funk singer who fronted Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, dies from cancer at the age of 60.           

2005: Harold J. Stone, U.S. character actor who made more than 150 guest appearances on television shows including "The Untouchables," "Gilligan's Island," and "Charlie's Angels," dies of natural causes at 92.

2003: Michael Kamen, Grammy Award-winning U.S. composer of scores for films including "Polyester," "Lethal Weapon," and "Die Hard," dies at 55.

2002: James Coburn, Academy Award-winning U.S. actor whose credits include "Affliction," for which he won the award, and "The Magnificent Seven," dies at 74.

Coburn was the epitome of cool. In Westerns, war flicks, and other action pics, he played many a tough guy – but he was no thug. Andy Garcia nailed it when he called Coburn "the personification of class, the hippest of the hip." How did Coburn mesh tough and cool? Read more




1999: Doug Sahm, U.S. singer-songwriter who played multiple instruments and formed the Sir Douglas Quintet in the 1960s, dies at 58.

1994: Cabell "Cab" Calloway, U.S. jazz singer and bandleader who led one of the most popular big bands in the 1930s and '40s, dies after having a stroke at 86.

1986: Gia Carangi, U.S. fashion model during the 1970s and '80s, dies of AIDS-related complications at 26.

1980: Conn Smythe, Canadian businessman and principal owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL, dies of a heart attack at 85.

1978: Jim Jones, U.S. founder and leader of the Peoples Temple, dies by suicide at 47 as part of the mass suicide and murders in Jonestown, Guyana.

1976: Man Ray, U.S.-born artist whose modernist works include "Object To Be Destroyed" and "The Misunderstood," dies at 86.

1972: Danny Whitten, U.S. rock musician associated with Neil Young and Crazy Horse, dies of a drug overdose at 29.

1971: Junior Parker, U.S. blues singer whose hit songs included "Mystery Train," dies during brain-tumor surgery at 39.

1969: Ted Heath, British musician and bandleader, dies at 67.

1969: Joseph P. Kennedy, U.S. businessman, patriarch of the Kennedy clan, and the father of President John F. Kennedy, dies at 81.

1922: Marcel Proust, French author of "In Search of Lost Time," aka "Remembrance of Things Past," dies at 51.

1886: Chester A. Arthur, 21st U.S. president, dies of a brain bleed at 57.

Click to discover notable people who were born this day in history including astronaut Alan Shepard.