John Peter Lozowsky

John Peter Lozowsky
World Trade Center

$450 Car for World Traveler

When John P. Lozowsky was told to mow the lawn when he was a child, the results were troubling, if creative, his sister Diane remembers. Using a big nail, he tethered a self-propelling mower to a cinder block, "so he could lie back and sunbathe so the mower could do its job," she said.

At 45, he still had his own way of doing things. His Hawaiian shirts raised eyebrows where he worked as a contractor for Marsh & McLennan. Faced with a pay cut, he said, "You know, we make too much money anyway; the money we make should be given to nurses and firemen and police," recalled Lynda Blake, an office friend. He biked to work from Queens and had a $450 car, which his son, niece and nephew helped paint, to travel between New York City and Skaneateles, where he spent long weekends.

He moved around a lot, having lived in New Zealand for 12 years, long enough to become a citizen. He called people "mate" and was laid-back in a Kiwi kind of way, said a co-worker, Michael Notabartolo.

Ms. Lozowsky said: "You never knew when he would pop in or pop out, so his death is really distant. I've gone a year without seeing him, I've gone four years without seeing him, and it's like he's not even gone yet. For us he could be in New Zealand, or New York City, or Belfast. Some of us haven't yet started the process of missing and grieving."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on March 8, 2003.

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