Alexandra Valoras

Grafton, Massachusetts


Grafton, Massachusetts


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Alexandra L. Valoras, 17Grafton - Monday March 19, 2018 witnessed the tragic, untimely death of the beautiful Alexandra Lee Valoras. She was a caring daughter, loving sister, and remarkably creative and gifted student. She brought joy into her conversations with her subtle wit and pointed, jovial...

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We were incredibly touched by your story. We send our deepest condolences. We sadly are going through a very similar experience having just lost our 17 year-old son. We were completely blindsided. Your sharing of Alex's story is helping us through this difficult time. Thank you. You are in our thoughts also.

Alexandra I've heard her name and her story last year. Her name is in my mind. I know I'm late but 'better late than never' because 'she is gone but not forgotten'. She will always be remembered and missed by all. I'm so sorry to her family and I know that feeling they've gone through. I feel related to her diary she wrote, I wrote the same thoughts and feelings as her.

So sorry for your loss sending prayers for you and your family

Dear Valoras,

My husband and I saw the CBS Sunday morning piece on Alexandra. Tonight, at our dinner table I played the piece for our sons Joel 14, and Mitch 16. We have 3 sons and their oldest brother Grant is an engineer for Honda. All are straight A students, social and in sports, STUCO, gifted etc. Recently, our middle son expressed feeling pressure and feelings of "not measuring up", he is very similar to your daughter. A friend and he were passing notes to one...

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Valoras, My condolences for the loss of your daughter, Alexandra. I pray that God will give you comfort, grace and strength in your time of sorrow. May you look to the Lord as He will see you through tragedy and all other difficulty.

I saw the piece about Alexandra, on CBS this morning. It reminded me so much of my granddaughter. She attempted suicide two years ago. She survived, but it has shaken us all to the core. She had been so much like Alexandra...So brilliant and loving, yet never letting anyone know of her psychological pain. She was hurting so in her heart and soul, yet seemed so happy-go-lucky all the time. I pray Alexandra's story will open eyes and hearts and save many precious lives. God bless and keep...

I just watched your story on CBS Sunday Morning- I am so deeply sorry for your loss. As the mother of 2 teenagers I appreciate your bravery in sharing your story to help others.. May she rest in peace and may you all find Peace as you move forward knowing that you will be helping countless others.

Thank you for sharing Alexandra's beautiful life on Sunday morning today! As a parent of 2 and grandfather of 3, my heart goes out to the Valeros family!

I just watched your sweet daughters
Segment on Sunday Morning...
So sad,so sad.I hope her death saves others.