Sir Edmund Hillary


HILLARY--Sir Edmund, Auckland, New Zealand -died January 4, 2008. The entire Circumnavigators Club expresses profound sorrow on the passing of Magellan Award Recipient and Honorary Member. He truly "left this world better than he found it." Our sincerest sympathy to his wife and family.

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I could never imagine climbing a mountain. As a Girl Scout, I wasn't much into hiking.

However, as someone with disabilities, who thrives on sharing life stories through my poetry, I know how it feels to know when you have truly inspired someone. Most of these people, you never meet in person. Yet the few that you do, will be remembered for a lifetime.

From my poem "Anything Is Possible" come these words, "...Be the first in your family to travel the...


I would wish to share a very personal remembrance with all of 'Sir Ed's' family and many, many friends around this world!

You see, I was born into a world where the conquering of Mt. Everest was still fresh and as incomprehensible to a wondering humanity as was the lunar landing of sixteen years hence.

'Sir Ed' and Tenzing Norgay were it's greatest and most renowned heroes.

Fast-forward twenty plus years...I met 'Sir Ed' in November of 1973 at his appearance...

Sir Edmund Has now reached the summit of Eternity, and now beholds
a sight more beautiful than that day
in 1953.
A remarkable life, "Well Done Good and Faithful Servant!"
Our Loving Sympathy is extended to His widow and children.

Sir, you will be at your highest now, you will be with the creator. I have always admired you and your feats.

i can't even think how it would be at standing on the tallest mountian in the world, the fresh feeling of the coolness of the fresh air, to think of being the one who made it all the way up, how long it took to climb,i know how it is to climb summits, i've climbed the white mts, it is just beautiful, i had a hawk fly around a friend & i as we sat on the mt near unity, VT, then years later i climbed clark summit, in N.H. i climbed clark summit 3 times, it isn't as tall as MT everest the...

Our Deepest Sympathies To Sir Edmund Hillary's Family For The Loss Of A Great Man.