Charity Spotlight: Final Salute, Inc.

Where did the inspiration for Final Salute Inc. come from?

Final Salute Inc was founded in 2010 by US Army Major Jaspen Boothe, a formerly homeless woman veteran and cancer survivor who became aware of the large number of homeless female veterans in the United States. She realized there was a need for an organization that could understand and address the unique hardships of homeless female veterans and their children.

What is the mission of Final Salute Inc.?

Final Salute’s mission is to provide the approximately 55,000 homeless female veterans and their children in the United States with safe and suitable housing. Female veterans are currently the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Final Salute also works with each woman veteran it serves to establish a plan toward independence. These veterans have fulfilled their obligations to their country; we now need to support them during their time of need.

In what ways does Final Salute Inc. directly support this mission?

Final Salute operates several programs that support our mission. The H.O.M.E program provides transitional housing, on-site case management, food, clothing, transportation, childcare assistance, employment support and other services to homeless female veterans and their children. The S.A.F.E program provides emergency financial assistance to female veterans, and to women who are U.S. military reserve component service members, via interest-free loans. The Stand-Up for Women Vets program provides support for female veterans and active military women as they transition into the civilian workforce.

What do you hope will be Final Salute Inc.'s legacy?

Final Salute’s legacy will be to bring the American people’s attention to the issue of homelessness among female veterans by providing housing and supportive services to every homeless woman veteran and her children, and to prevent at-risk female veterans from becoming homeless.

Why should people support Final Salute Inc. (and charitable giving in general)?

Since Final Salute began operating we have assisted over 900 female veterans and children in over 30 states and territories. The lack of supportive services for these women, with or without children, puts them at even greater risks of homelessness. Additionally, programs like Final Salute are needed as both the VA and HUD have stated that their goal of ending veteran homelessness in 2015 will not be met. No more than 10% of every dollar donated goes toward administrative costs.

Final Salute, Inc. is participating in's Give to Remember project. Throughout the month of December, Legacy will match up to $50,000 in donations made across the entire event. Donate now and maximize your positive impact.