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How Much Does Cremation Cost?

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How Much Does Cremation Cost?

Cremation has become very popular in recent years, in a 2016 report from the National Funeral Directors Association, 50 percent of Americans chose cremation versus 43 percent who opted for a traditional burial. Cremation is usually less expensive than burial. How much does it cost for cremation?

While there is no set cost, the average cost for direct cremation is typically between $1,000 and $3,000. Direct cremation, where the body is cremated right away without embalming or a traditional funeral service, is the most affordable cremation service option. With a direct cremation, you do not have to pay for an expensive funeral casket and there is no embalming cost since there will not be a viewing. Additionally, you do not have to buy a burial plot or headstone.

The cost of cremation will be more expensive depending on where you reside. The price will be higher in an expensive city such as Los Angeles than in a rural area. Be aware that there is no regulation regarding cremation pricing. so be sure to do your research and compare companies to make sure you are receiving a fair price and to learn about any additional fees that may exist.

Here are the average cremation prices in the 10 most expensive cities in the country, according to the Cremation Institute.

  1. 1. New York City, NY $550 - $10,200
  2. 2. Washington, DC $700 - $7,600
  3. 3. Houston, TX $675 - $6,800
  4. 4. Dallas, TX - $850 - $6,300
  5. 5. Indianapolis, IN - $900 - $6,100
  6. 6. Chicago, IL - $895 - $4,600
  7. 7. Charlotte, NC - $875 - $4,400
  8. 8. Nashville, TN - $1,295 - $4,400
  9. 9. Virginia Beach, VA - $900 -$4,300
  10. 10. Providence, RI - $1,400 - $4,100

Additional Costs:


Cremation Casket

If you are having a traditional funeral service instead of direct cremation, you will need a casket. A cremation casket will typically be made out of wood as you can't perform cremation with metal. The cost of a cremation casket varies, they can start as low as five hundred dollars for a wood container that will also be used for the cremation.

The prices are much higher if you want to have a traditional wood casket for the funeral service. The ashes will be inside a cremation container that is placed within the wood casket for the funeral. A less expensive option is renting a wood casket for the funeral and purchasing a cheaper cardboard container that will be used for the cremated remains.

An Urn

If you desire to keep the cremated ashes of your loved one as a memorial, then you will most likely purchase an urn. Urns will vary in price, depending on how elaborate of an urn you want to display. You do not have to purchase an urn immediately after cremation as the cremation company will give you the ashes in a cardboard box. Urns come in a variety of sizes and materials with a wide range of prices from around $100 to upwards of $1,000.

Scattering Ashes

There are companies who will go to a specified site and scatter your loved one's ashes if you are not able to do so yourself. Many of these companies are regional and will fly over a particular site or take a boat out in the ocean and fulfill your wishes. The prices will vary depending on what is required.

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