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Barbara Harris (1935 – 2018), starred in “Nashville” and “Freaky Friday”

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Versatile actress was a co-founder of Second City

Actress Barbara Harris (1935 – 2018) was a comedy legend who also starred in dramatic roles and could belt out a song on stage. She had memorable parts in the movies “Nashville,” “Family Plot,” and “Freaky Friday. She also starred in many Broadway productions, winning a Tony award for best actress in 1967.

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Died: August 21, 2018

Details of Death: Her friend Charna Halpern, co-founder of Chicago’s iO Theater, told the Chicago Sun Times that she passed away from lung cancer. She was 83 years old.

Memorable Moments: She co-founded the Second City comedy troupe in Chicago, participating in the group’s first ever show. She starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Family Plot”, Robert Altman’s “Nashville,” and starred with Jodie Foster in the original “Freaky Friday.” She was nominated for a best supporting actress Academy Award in 1972 for her role in “Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?”

Notable Quote: “I think the only thing that drew me to acting in the first place was the group of people I was working with: Ed Asner, Paul Sills, Mike Nichols, Elaine May. And all I really wanted to do back then was rehearsal. I was in it for the process, and I really resented having to go out and do a performance for an audience because the process stopped; it had to freeze and be the same every night.” —2002 interview with the Phoenix New Times

What people said about her: “Her ability to give the impression she was making up her lines as she went along, I was so excited about what I saw, her somehow intangible quality.” —Actress Mary Martin at the 1967 Tony Awards

Full obituary: Chicago Sun Times

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