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Brooke McCarter (1963 - 2015)

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Brooke McCarter (1963 - 2015)

Brooke McCarter, an actor and model whose credits include the 1987 film "Lost Boys," has died. He was 52.

The actor died of a genetic liver condition, according to multiple news sources.

Before his film and TV career, McCarter signed with the high-end, New York, New York-based Ford Models. He did commercials for such major retailers as Levi's and the J.C. Penney Co.

He began acting after studying the craft in New York City.

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His other film credits include "The Uh-Oh Show" in 2009, 1989's "Wired" and "Thrashin'" (1986).

But it was "The Lost Boys," which featured the actors Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, that marked the pinnacle of McCarter's acting career.

"I dropped out of the biz for 10 years," McCarter told in a 2010 interview, when he was doing publicity for an upcoming horror movie. "Packed up my Hollywood existence and moved to Florida. The difference in pace was shocking. … No agents, managers or studio casting calls. It was like starting all over again.

"Hollywood is such a rat race. It's nice to win the race a couple of times and not just keep running with no finish line in sight."

McCarter also did a recent stint as a producer of the documentaries "Emerging Past" and "Leaves of Green."

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