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Dorcas Reilly (2018), creator of the green bean casserole

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The original recipe card for the Thanksgiving favorite resides in the National Inventors Hall of Fame

Dorcas Reilly created the iconic green bean casserole in 1955 while working as a staff member in the kitchen at the Campbell Soup Company. Cream of Mushroom soup was a popular base for casseroles around the country but Reilly was the first to add frozen green beans. Campbell Soup estimates that around 40 percent of their sales of cream of mushroom soup goes towards making green bean casserole.

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Died: Monday, October 15, 2018 (Who else died on October 15?)

Details of death: Died Camden, New Jersey, of Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 92

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Did you know: The green bean casserole is the most popular Campbell Soup recipe.

Notable quote: “We worked in the kitchen with things that were most likely to be in most homes,” she said in a 2015 NPR interview. “It’s so easy. And it’s not an expensive thing to make, too.”

What people said about her: “I think she was even more surprised at how much of a big deal it became. She was not a flashy person. She didn’t bask in the limelight. She just went in and did her job every day, like most blue-collar people” —Thomas B. Reilly, her son

"Dorcas was an incredible woman, whose legacy will live on for years to come. She will be missed by her Campbell colleagues and all those who were impacted by her creativity and generous spirit." —Statement from the Campbell Soup Company

Full obituary: Philadelphia Inquirer

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