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Kitty Tucker (2019), antinuclear activist launched lawsuit in Karen Silkwood case

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She fought for justice for the whistleblower's mysterious death

Kitty Tucker was an antinuclear activist who worked with other activists and lawyers to launch a lawsuit in the case of nuclear whistleblower Karen Silkwood. Silkwood's mysterious 1974 death came after she began exposing safety violations at the Kerr-McGee plutonium plant where she worked. Tucker heard of the case as a law student and began working with the National Organization of Women to organize the lawsuit that ultimately awarded $1.38 million to Silkwood's estate. Tucker was also a civil rights activist who was jailed for registering African Americans to vote in Alabama, and she fought for the legalization of medical marijuana in Maryland, which came about in 2013.

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Died: March 30, 2019 (Who else died on March 30?)

Details of death: Died at a hospital in Silver Spring, Maryland of cardiac complications of an infection at the age of 75.

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What people said about her: “She didn't take no for an answer” —Rolling Stone journalist Howard Kohn, who covered the Silkwood case

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