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Richard Proudfit (1929 – 2018), founder of Feed My Starving Children charity

Photo courtesy of FMSC

Provided millions of meals each year to children around the world

Richard Proudfit (1929 – 2018) was the founder of Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), a Christian non-profit organization that sends nutritious meals to hungry children worldwide. Proufit was galvanized by the devastation he saw in a 1982 trip to Honduras and founded FMSC in 1987. Today, FMSC provides hundreds of millions of meals to the hungry each year.

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Died: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 (Who else died on November 13?)

Details of death: Died at a nursing home in Bloomington, Minnesota at the age of 88.

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MannaPacks: Proudfit's first efforts at producing a meal to serve to hungry children ended up being too rich for those suffering from malnutrition. He worked with nutritionists and scientists to develop a more appropriate meal that's nutritionally complete as well as satisfying and easy to transport. He called them MannaPacks, and they were the first of several types of meals created by Feed My Starving Children to relieve hunger and treat disease.

Notable quote: “It wasn't long until I began to see the children literally dying around us. One mother came to me crying, carrying her nearly dead child. She was pleading for help. That's when my heart broke, and I went to my knees. I knew I had to come back and do something about it.” —Proudfit on the trip to Honduras that sparked the creation of Feed My Starving Children

What people said about him: “He planted the seeds for thousands upon thousands of children to be fed when he answered God's call to 'Feed my starving children.' We are honored to continue following this call 31 years later.” —Mark Crea, current CEO of Feed My Starving Children

“Richard Proudfit was a compassionate Minnesotan who dedicated much of his life to fighting child hunger. He brought Minnesotans together to do good, raised awareness about an important issue, and helped humanity.” —Senator Tina Smith (D-MN)

Full obituary: Pioneer Press

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