From Ashes Comes a New Home

Marie Rose Abad was killed Sept. 11, 2001, when the south tower of New York City's World Trade Center collapsed after being attacked by terrorists

In life, Abad was an exceptionally successful businesswoman. In death, she became a hero to strangers living thousands of miles away.

Abad's husband Rudy wanted to find a way to honor his wife, who grew up in a family of immigrants and nurtured a desire to help children and less-fortunate people. On a visit to his family in the Philippines, the Abads had been moved by the plight of people living in poverty in a Manila slum. After his wife's death, Abad decided to return to Manila and turn the slum into a vibrant community in her memory. 

Abad donated more than $60,000 to reconstruction efforts, as well as his own time and effort laying bricks. He convinced his affluent friends to pitch in as well, and soon the Marie Rose Abad GK Village in Manila was transformed.

Abad says 9/11 transformed him as well and led him to work as an advocate for philanthropy, shuttling between the U.S. and the Philippines.

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