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George Washington Presidential Library

Wikimedia Commons / Gilbert Stuart

George Washington Presidential Library

More than 200 years after his death, George Washington has finally been honored with his own presidential library. Housed at Washington's Mount Vernon home, the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington includes books from the first president's personal collection, as well as his handwritten notes and other artifacts. Read more about Washington and this long-overdue tribute to America's first president.

More than two centuries after George Washington’s death, America’s first chief executive finally has the presidential library he always wanted. Read more

The new president of the United States got out his copy of the Acts of Congress, turned to the Constitution and looked up his duties. At Article II, Section 2, where it read, “The President shall be Commander in Chief,” he marked the passage. In the margin, he penciled in, “president powers.” Read more

Countless books have been written about George Washington. To see books actually OWNED by George Washington you have to go to his Mount Vernon home, and the new presidential library. Read more

After guests toured the new George Washington Library they were brought by shuttle bus the short distance to George Washington's historic home... Read more