6 From 60 Minutes

In 1968 Don Hewitt created a new kind of TV news program, in which he strove to present reporter-centered stories in a magazine-like format. Almost 45 years later, "60 Minutes" is the longest-running prime-time program on television, and the many hosts and commentators it has introduced us to have become superstars of journalism.

Don Hewitt would have turned 90 today; he died just over three years ago at 86. Late, great 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace died earlier this year; award-winning reporter Ed Bradley six years ago. Legendary broadcaster Walter Cronkite died in 2009; original "60 Minutes" host Harry Reasoner in 1991. Their stories, and Andy Rooney, today on Legacy.com.

Don Hewitt

Andy Rooney

Ed Bradley

Mike Wallace

Harry Reasoner

Walter Cronkite