Legendary heel challenged Hulk Hogan for championship...

King Kong Bundy was a professional wrestler, one of the WWE's most legendary heels. Born Chris Pallies, he wrestled under other names during his early professional days, including Chris Canyon and Big Daddy Bundy. Known for his massive size and for signature moves including his avalanche splash, he battled Hulk Hogan for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship in a steel cage match at 1986's WrestleMania 2. Bundy lost, but continued wrestling through his 2007 retirement.

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Died: March 4, 2019 (Who else died on March 4?)

Details of death: Died in Glassboro, New Jersey at the age of 61.

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Acting career: Bundy's name, which he borrowed from serial killer Ted Bundy, inspired the naming of the Bundy family on Fox sitcom "Married… With Children." Bundy went on to make several appearances on the show, once as himself and twice as Uncle Irwin, brother of Peggy Bundy. He also appeared on TV shows including "Boy Meets World" and "Weird Science," and in the film "Moving."

Remembered by the wrestling world: “Bundy was appropriately called the 'walking condominium,' standing at an impressive 6-foot-4 and weighing 458 pounds. The sight of Bundy stepping between the ropes was intimidating enough, but his crushing offense proved that he was every bit as destructive as advertised. In fact, Bundy was so dominant that he demanded referees count to five when he pinned his opponents to show that there was no way they were getting up.” —WWE obituary for Bundy

“Overwhelmed by King Kong Bundy's passing, only great memories, R.I.P big man until we meet again. HH” —Hulk Hogan

Full obituary: NJ.com

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