George Harrison's Last Note

The Beatles had hundreds of millions of fans, and they continue to make new ones decades after they stopped recording together. As solo artists, they proved to be fan favorites as well, but they were not above sending out fan letters of their own. One such letter found its way to Mike Myers in the fall of 2001, during the filming of the third Austin Powers film. It was a letter from George Harrison, praising Myers' work in the film series and thanking him for the laughter he provided to Harrison and his family. It was also the last letter George Harrison wrote, shortly before his death on November 29, 2001.

In this rarely seen clip from Inside the Actors' Studio, Myers recounts the events leading up to the delivery of the letter, what George Harrison meant to him as the child of Liverpudlians, and how something as simple as a fan letter can change the way you see the world.