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The Mother of Mother's Day: Anna Jarvis (video)

Bettmann / Getty Images

A video tribute to the woman who created Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day can be traced back to the passion of one woman, Anna Jarvis (1864 – 1948), who campaigned for a holiday to honor mothers and the special role they play in our lives.

Her own mother, Ann, had been an organizer and leader of local clubs of Appalachian mothers who fought against infant mortality with improved sanitary practices. Jarvis felt that women like her mom needed to be recognized.

The first Mother’s Day observation was held in early May, 1908, three years after the death of her mother. By 1914, the holiday was recognized by the U.S. federal government and was spreading to other countries around the world.

Mother’s Day only blooms one day a year. Show your mom just how much you appreciate her the other 364—have flowers delivered this Mother’s Day!

Although Jarvis’s original vision of the holiday was that it should be noncommercial, it quickly became one of the most popular days to give gifts, flowers and send cards. Today it’s also the busiest day for restaurant reservations in the U.S.

We remember the woman who gave birth to the idea of Mother’s Day and encouraged us to take a day to appreciate the women who have raised us.

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