Celebrities born this day in history

We remember famous people born this day, November 6, in history, including The Eagles' Glenn Frey.


PAT TILLMAN, U.S. NFL player who became an Army Ranger and was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan, is born in Fremont, California. In 2001, Tillman's star was rising and he was offered an even more lucrative three-year contract … but then came 9/11. Inspired by the events of that tragic day to fight for his country, Tillman turned down the Cardinals and joined the U.S. Army in May 2002, along with his brother Kevin (who gave up a chance to play baseball with the Cleveland Indians). The move captured the respect of football fans and patriots nationwide, and Tillman is remembered as a man who cared more for his ideals than for money and fame. Read more



REBECCA SCHAEFFER, U.S. actress known best for starring on the CBS sitcom "My Sister Sam," is born in Eugene, Oregon.






BRAD DAVIS, U.S. actor known best for starring in the movie "Midnight Express," is born in Tallahassee, Florida.



GLENN FREY, U.S. singer-songwriter and guitarist who co-founded the legendary rock band the Eagles, is born in Detroit, Michigan. “Take It Easy,” the lead single that gave music fans their first taste of the Eagles, was a collaboration between Frey and his friend and neighbor, Jackson Browne. As the story goes, Browne had written most of the song but was stumped after the line, “I’m standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.” Frey suggested the unforgettable lines, “… Such a fine sight to see. It’s a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford, slowing down to take a look at me.” Read more



EDWARD YANG, Taiwanese filmmaker who won best director at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000 for "Yi Yi," is born in Shanghai, China. 


George Young,  Musician who was a founding member of the popular Australian rock band the Easybeats, is born in Glasgow, Scotland. 



GUY CLARK, U.S. Grammy Award-winning country music singer-songwriter who released more than 20 albums, is born in Monahans, Texas. 



MICHAEL SCHWERNER, one of three U.S. civil rights advocates killed by the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi while promoting black voter registration in 1964, is born in Pelham, New York.



MIKE NICHOLS, U.S. Academy Award-winning filmmaker and Tony Award-winning theater director, is born in Berlin, Germany. Nichols was already a Tony Award-winning Broadway director when he was tapped to direct a film adaptation of "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" His next film, "The Graduate," earned him an Academy Award for best director, and remains one of the most iconic films of all time. Over the years he directed a diverse group of films including "Catch-22," "Carnal Knowledge," "Silkwood," "Heartburn," "Postcards From the Edge," "Working Girl," "The Birdcage," "Primary Colors," and "Charlie Wilson’s War." Read more


PETER COLLINS, British racing driver who was killed in a crash during the 1958 German Grand Prix, is born in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England.



DERRICK BELL, U.S. academic who was the first tenured African-American professor of law at Harvard Law School and is credited as one of the originators of critical race theory, is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.






RAY CONNIFF, U.S. bandleader best known for his Ray Conniff Singers during the 1960s, is born in Attleboro, Massachusetts.



JONATHAN HARRIS, U.S. character actor who played Dr. Zachary Smith on the 1960s TV show "Lost in Space," is born in the Bronx, New York. Born Jonathan Charasuchin in the Bronx to Russian-Jewish immigrant parents,  Harris adopted the stage persona of a classically trained British actor with his grandiloquent accent, crisp enunciation, and professorial mannerisms. When people would ask him if he was from England, Harris would confess: "Oh no, my dear, just affected," according to his 2002 obituary by The Associated Press. Read more



JUNE MARLOWE, U.S. film actress who was a star of the silent era and played teacher Miss Crabtree in the "Our Gang" series, is born in St. Cloud, Minnesota.



IDA LOU ANDERSON, U.S. radio broadcast pioneer and professor at Washington State College who taught Edward R. Murrow, is born in Morganton, Tennessee.



OPAL KUNZ, U.S.  aviator who was the chief organizer of the Betsy Ross Air Corps, a charter member of the Ninety-Nines organization of women pilots, and the first woman pilot to race with men in an open competition, is born in Auburn, California.






EDSEL FORD, U.S. automotive executive who was the only recognized child of Henry Ford and served as president of Ford Motor Company from 1919 to his death in 1943, is born in Detroit, Michigan.


HAROLD ROSS, U.S. editor who founded The New Yorker magazine, is born in Aspen, Colorado.



WALTER JOHNSON, U.S. Major League Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher who won more than 400 games, is born in Humboldt, Kansas.



IDA BARNEY, U.S. astronomer best known for her 22 volumes of astrometric measurements on 150,000 stars, is born in New Haven, Connecticut.



YOSHISUKE AIKAWA, Japanese entrepreneur who founded Nissan, is born in Yamaguchi, Japan.







EVERETT SHINN, U.S. artist who was a member of the Ashcan School and exhibited with the short-lived group known as "The Eight," is born in Woodstown, New Jersey.






JAMES NAISMITH, Canadian-born U.S. coach and creator of the sport of basketball, is born in Ontario, Canada. Faced with keeping his young YMCA charges indoors during the harsh New England winters, Naismith was tasked by his boss with coming up with an "athletic distraction" to keep them exercised and occupied. His boss stipulated the game could not be too rough and must take place within the confines of a small gym. Naismith analyzed the most popular games at the time – rugby, lacrosse, soccer, baseball and football – in hopes of taking the best from each sport and including it in his game. Read more




JOHN PHILIP SOUSA, U.S. composer known for his military marches including "The Stars and Stripes Forever," is born in Washington, D.C.



CHARLES DOW, U.S. journalist who founded the Wall Street Journal, is born in Sterling, Connecticut.



ADOLPHE SAX, Belgian musician who invented the saxophone, is born in Dinant, First French Empire.






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