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Caskets for Veterans: A Meaningful Gift

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One funeral home's special way of honoring Americans who have served

Decades may pass between the time a veteran served in the military and the day they die, but time doesn’t diminish the significance of their service. One funeral home in Corpus Christi, Texas has found a special way to honor the men and women who’ve served their nation by providing a casket for burial for any veteran who was honorably discharged.

"We're proud that they served our country and want to give something back to them in return," said Bobby Trevino, funeral director of Trevino Funeral Home (the funeral home that launched the program). Four years ago he began offering the blue and silver caskets to veterans' families who otherwise would not be able to afford a quality burial vessel.

One family that took advantage of this gracious offer was that of Vietnam War veteran Benjamin Harold Fitts. "The county was going to bury him in a box. We didn't want that, but we couldn't come up with the money," his niece Sabrina Thompson said. However, she had seen commercials mentioning Trevino Funeral Home's offer of free caskets for veterans when using their funeral services and decided to take them up on the offer.

There are many reasons why a veteran and his or her family may not be able to afford a casket, and it’s heartwarming to see a funeral home honoring the sacrifice they’ve made in this fashion. Legacy thanks all of the funeral homes working to help families in caring and innovative ways.