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Roye Schell

Sarasota, Florida

Jan 24, 1938 – Nov 26, 2011


January 24, 1938
November 26, 2011
Sarasota, Florida


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National Cremation Obituary

Roye Schell, 73, of Sarasota, FL passed away on Saturday, November 26, 2011 at the Hospice House of Sarasota. Roye was surrounded by his loving family and was released from this realm in peace.Roye was born Jan. 24, 1938 in Scotia, NY. He was the son of the late George and Edith Schell. Roye was...

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Roye - Kathy Conry - Robin - at Brooklyn Heights Art Show

Dearest friend, partner, teacher, inspiration. From nineteen sixty eight to now...a continuous thread woven into a rainbow tapestry for life.
Sorely missed yet always there..HOME and garden go on with your guidance..
Om Mani Padme Hum......robin

Baba, Its hard to believe that we have gone on for almost one year without you. Although, I suppose you have actually been with us as we keep traditions alive in your honor, smile and laugh with memories, and share stories of our time with you. You are greatly missed, and I will forever remember your special love.


My friend ,my blood ,my Rising sun ... If anyone knew me .. you were the one .
And though the sun has set for you, I still wake every day to that same sun new..
Breathe in the day ,into me and into you.. And hold the moments that you come through ..when that sun Shoots rainbows on my walls , And how hard you faught for life , for us ...
i know I can fight and rise
above it all...
I miss you my friend, The way you made me laugh till I cried ,The love and tenderness...

Well i don't really know where to begin. I can say that all the great things I remember about us will always be with me. The whipped cream with rainbow sprinkles in a wooden bowl, the smarties, and just being in your pressence. I had always dreaded the day you had passed. But in our family's heart's you will never ever really leave us. Thank You. I love you my Baba...
Your little redhead, Seth


Love you baba.

I wish you were still here on this earth with us. Initially while I think of you I laugh and feel warm inside thinking of waffle wednesdays and rainbows and ritz crackers out of wood bowls. And tinker toys and puzzles and card games and cats and collages and flowers. I feel sad when I realize those days are gone but I'll never stop cherishing all those great times we had. Remember when I stuck my hair right in your mouth! Haha that was always funny. And you always teased me...

Baba wasn't just my grandfather, he was one of my best friends. Gone, but never forgotten, love you Baba.

I think of you everyday, without fail. I light a candle by your picture and say good morning. I water my plants , light a stick of Nag(the same huge box I got from you and Stevie last Christmas)and all this, I learned from you.
Drinking my coffe from my Smurf cup, picking cherry tomatoes with a salt shaker in my pocket, digging in my dirt hole(something I still do, just now) and singing sentences just to make the words sound better.
I don't know why I am so surprised of all the...