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Sammy and Sinatra

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Sammy and Sinatra

Sammy Cahn was born to write for Frank Sinatra.

The award-winning songwriter, born June 18, 1913 – 100 years ago today – wrote so many hits for Ol' Blue Eyes that he was, essentially, Sinatra's unofficial official songwriter. "Love and Marriage?" Cahn wrote that one. "Come Fly With Me?" That was Cahn’s too. "The Tender Trap," "Time After Time," "Five Minutes More" – all Cahn classics.

Sinatra certainly wasn't Cahn's only customer. He wrote for plenty of other singers, such as Doris Day and Dean Martin, and he wrote the lyrics for several Broadway musicals. But when Cahn's unforgettable lyrics combined with Sinatra's velvety voice, the result was something magical.

Over the years, Cahn won four Academy Awards for his movie compositions, and three of his Oscar-winning songs were sung by the Chairman of the Board himself. Today in honor of the songwriter's centennial, we're listening to those Cahn-Sinatra masterpieces.

"Three Coins in the Fountain" (1954) was the title track for the film Three Coins in the Fountain. The movie also won the Oscar for best cinematography.

"All the Way" (1957) was written for The Joker is Wild, starring Sinatra alongside Mitzi Gaynor, Jeanne Crain and Eddie Albert.

"High Hopes" (1959), a track from movie A Hole in the Head, became a Sinatra standard and was used to great effect in John F. Kennedy's presidential campaign the following year.

Written by Linnea Crowther