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D&D-loving grandma's Twitter eulogy is the loveliest thing you'll read today

Twitter / AntnHz

Fighting cancer at 75, she fell in love with her grandson's fantasy game

Twitter user Antoine H. said goodbye to his grandmother this week -- but his online farewell introduced this amazing woman to the whole world, as he told the charming story of the new pastime that helped her through her last year of life as she fought pancreatic cancer: Dungeons & Dragons. Antoine taught her how to role play in the D&D fantasy world, and she fell in love with the adventure and creativity she found in the game. 

In a Twitter thread that went viral, Antoine told how his grandmother threw herself into the game with all her heart, creating the perfect character for herself: a druidic forest gnome named Terminatur, with a goose for a best friend. She drew a picture of her vision of Terminatur and even improved on the drawing over the months, adding color and panache.  

@AntnHz noted that in his grandmother’s final months, as chemotherapy sapped her strength and her cancer worsened, she couldn’t play as often. But she still dipped into the world of D&D when she could. The game gave her an escape from her pain and something to look forward to even as her life was coming to an end. 

Read the full Twitter thread for the whole lovely story.