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Terminally Ill Death-with-Dignity Advocate Ends Own Life

Photo Courtesy Brittany Maynard

Terminally Ill Death-with-Dignity Advocate Ends Own Life

Update: On Saturday, Nov. 1, Brittany Maynard ended her life at her home in Portland, Oregon. Visit her Guest Book to offer your condolences or read what others have written.

Previous story: Brittany Maynard made news earlier this month with her plan to end her life Nov. 1. After receiving a terminal diagnosis, Maynard relocated to Oregon in order to take advantage of the state's law allowing physician-assisted suicide.

With her remaining time, Maynard has worked as an advocate for death-with-dignity legislation and pursued the items on her bucket list. On Oct. 24 she announced on her blog that she had completed the last item: seeing the Grand Canyon.

Maynard thanked the financial donors who made the trip possible, calling the Grand Canyon "breathtakingly beautiful," adding, "I was able to enjoy my time with the two things I love most: my family and nature." Maynard went on to say that the effects of her illness were still present and worsening, but she gave thanks that she will be able to end her suffering on her own terms.

She concluded her message with a call for others to get involved in giving terminally ill people a better quality of life, as well as the legal option to choose when and how to die.

Share her story with your loved ones, and start the conversation about how you would want to end your life.