Born November 21

Harold Ramis helped bring us some of the funniest movies of the past few decades. As an actor, writer, director, and/or producer – sometimes all four in one film – he took part in movies including "Caddyshack," "Ghostbusters," "Groundhog Day," and many more. Ramis also was a part of the legendary comedy institutions Second City and National Lampoon. His work has become highly influential on younger comedy stars and writers, many of whom cite him as an inspiration. We remember Ramis' life today as well as the lives of other notable people who were born this day in history.

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1965: Reggie Lewis, U.S. NBA player for the Boston Celtics who averaged more than 17 points a game, is born in Baltimore, Maryland.

1944: Harold Ramis, U.S. actor, director and writer known for the movies "Animal House," "Caddyshack," and "Groundhog Day," is born in Chicago, Illinois.

Ramis' films have influenced three decades of writers and comedians, and they've made millions laugh. Earlier this year, we saw how just a few of those millions remembered an icon of comedy upon his death Feb. 24. Read more




1937: Ingrid Pitt, Polish actress and author known best for horror films including "Countess Dracula," is born in Warsaw, Poland.

Ingrid Pitt (AP Photo)Her movie career was jump-started by her role in the 1968 action-adventure movie, "Where Eagles Dare," according to her obituary by The Associated Press. The World War II drama eventually would lead to her being taken on by Britain's Hammer Films – home to Christopher Lee's "Dracula." She would play alongside the horror legend in 1971's "The House That Dripped Blood" and 1973's "The Wicker Man." Read more




1927: Georgia Frontiere, U.S. owner of the St. Louis Rams (previously the Los Angeles Rams) before being relocated, and the most prominent female owner of an NFL team, is born in St. Louis, Missouri.

The one-time nightclub singer was married seven times, starting at age 15, according to her obituary by The Associated Press. Her sixth husband, Carroll Rosenbloom, owned the Los Angeles Rams at the time of his drowning death in 1979. The Rams moved twice under Frontiere's leadership, first relocating from the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 1980 to Anaheim, 35 miles away. Read more



1924: Joseph Campanella, character actor who had memorable appearances on "One Day at a Time" and the “The Bold and the Beautiful,” is born in Manhattan, New York.

1920: Stan Musial, U.S. Hall of Fame outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals who had more than 3,000 hits in his career, is born in Donora, Pennsylvania.

Stan Musial (Associated Press)Widely considered the greatest Cardinals player ever, the outfielder and first baseman was the first person in team history to have his number retired. Ol' No. 6 probably was the most popular, too, especially after Albert Pujols skipped town. At the suggestion of a pal, actor John Wayne, he carried around autographed cards of himself to give away. He enjoyed doing magic tricks for children and was fond of pulling out a harmonica to entertain crowds with a favorite, "The Wabash Cannonball." Read more




1920: Ralph Meeker, U.S. actor known best for starring in the film noir classic "Kiss Me Deadly," is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1919: Steve Brodie, U.S. actor who appeared in two Elvis Presley films, "Blue Hawaii" and "Roustabout," is born in El Dorado, Kansas.

1916: Sid Luckman, U.S. NFL Hall of Fame quarterback for the Chicago Bears who led them to four NFL championships, is born in Brooklyn, New York.

1912: Eleanor Powell, U.S. actress and dancer known for musical movies including "Born To Dance" with James Stewart, is born in Springfield, Massachusetts.

1904: Coleman Hawkins, U.S. jazz tenor saxophonist who was considered one of the all-time greats and who led a combo that included Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, and Max Roach, is born in St. Joseph, Missouri.

1902: Isaac Bashevis Singer, Nobel Prize-winning Polish author whose works include "Yentl" and "Enemies, a Love Story," is born in Leoncin, Poland.

1899: Jobyna Ralston, U.S. actress who had a starring role in the Oscar-winning film "Wings," is born in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

1694: Voltaire, French writer and philosopher known for his advocacy of freedom of religion and separation of church and state, is born in Paris, France.

Click to discover notable people who died this day in history including teen idol David Cassidy.