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Narayana “Grandpa Kitchen” Reddy (2019), YouTube star cooked for orphans


Millions of followers loved his videos, part recipe tutorials and part celebrations of the good works he did

Narayana Reddy was a YouTube star known as Grandpa Kitchen, whose viral videos showed him cooking massive meals for orphans in his community near Hyderabad, India. Millions watched videos showing Reddy cooking outdoors over open flames, part recipe tutorials and part celebrations of the good works he did. His popular videos included recipes for Indian culinary classics like butter chicken and prawns biryani as well as American favorites including French fries and pizza. After each recipe was completed, the videos showed the food being served to people in need.

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Died: October 27, 2019 (Who else died on October 27?)

Details of death: Died at the age of 73.

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A labor of love: Reddy’s motto, included in each video, was “Loving. Caring. Sharing. This is my family.” Though his work was supported by his YouTube videos and a Patreon subscription page, the proceeds were donated to charities serving children in need rather than kept by the kindly chef.

What people said about him: “He was the most wholesome man on all of YouTube, making large meals which he shared with orphans in his community. Been following him for a long time, and I can’t really put into words how painful this is for me.” —Twitter user @YellowishCheese

“This man is a real hero, cooking to feed the less fortunate kids. Loved his videos. I hope that what he started is carried on by someone else.” —Twitter user @MeeransGTR

“R.I.P. Grandpa. His videos always put a smile on my face and he was doing great things donating all the food he cooked to the local orphanage. We are gonna miss you and the world has lost an amazing individual.” —Twitter user @ShadowstarHakii

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