Those who lost their lives at the Pentagon are listed below. For those lost on the flight that struck the Pentagon, please see American Flight #77 listings.

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Ada L. Mason Acker
Ada L. Mason, 50, of Springfield, Virginia, a civilian employee with the U.S. Army.
Samantha Allen (Lightbourn)
Army budget analyst Samantha Allen was known as a fastidious worker who kept track not only of her own work, but also of accounts under ...

Profile courtesy of THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE.
Craig Amundson
Craig Amundson always found computers easy to work with.
It was not only what would lead him to his job at the Pentagon doing computer graphics, ...

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Melissa Rose Barnes
Melissa Rose Barnes, 27, of Redlands, California, a U.S. Navy yeoman second class.
Master Sgt. Max Beilke (USA Ret.)
RET. MASTER SGT. MAX BEILKE, 69, officially was the last American combat soldier to leave Vietnam in 1973. He was a civilian employee at the ...

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Kris Romeo Bishundat
Kris Romeo Bishundat joined the U.S. Navy six years ago, two days before his 18th birthday.
In those six years, the native of Waldorf, Md., has ...

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Carrie Blagburn
Carrie Blagburn, 48, of Temple Hills, Maryland, a civilian budget analyst with the U.S. Army.
Lt. Col. Canfield Boone
As a student of history, Army Col. Canfield "Buddy" Boone knew the significance of all of the major battlefields and cemeteries honoring those who fell ...

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Donna Bowen
Donna Bowen, 42, of Waldorf, Maryland, a Pentagon communications representative with Verizon Communications.
Allen Boyle
Allen Boyle, 30, of Fredericksburg, Virginia, a defense department contractor.
Christopher Lee Burford
Christopher Lee Burford, 23, of Hubert, North Carolina, an electronics technician third class of the U.S. Navy.
Daniel Martin Caballero
Daniel Martin Caballero, 21, of Houston, an electronics technician third class in the U.S. Navy.
Sgt. First Class Jose Orlando Calderon-Olmedo
Sgt. First Class Jose Calderon, 44, of Annandale, Virginia, U.S. Army.
Angelene C. Carter
Angelene C. Carter, 51, of Forrestville, Maryland, an accountant with the U.S. Army.
Sharon Carver
Sharon Carver, 38, of Maryland, a civilian employee of the U.S. Army.
John J. Chada
John J. Chada, 55, of Manassas, Virginia, a civilian employee with U.S. Army.
Rosa Maria "Rosemary" Chapa
Rosemary Chapa, 64, of Springfield, Va., had worked in the Pentagon for 20 years, the last as a high-ranking civilian employee of the Defense Intelligence ...

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Julian Cooper
Julian Cooper, 39, of Springdale, Maryland, a Navy contractor.
Lt. Cmdr. Eric Allen Cranford
U.S. Navy Lt. Eric Allen Cranford, 32, of Drexel, N.C., had worked under the chief of naval operations in the Pentagon since April 1999 and ...

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Ada M. Davis
Ada M. Davis, 57, of Camp Springs, Maryland, a civilian employee with the U.S. Army.
She still whispers...
I see her everywhere I turn my focus ...

Tribute submitted by Zenovia M. Cuyler.
Diana Borrero de Padro
Diana Borrero de Padro, 55, of Woodbridge, Virginia, a civilian employee with the U.S. Army.
Captain Gerald Francis Deconto

Gerald F. DeConto, 44
was Navy captain, Mass. native
By Globe Staff, 9/21/2001
Navy Captain Gerald F. DeConto of Alexandria, Va., was ...

Editorial Obituary published in THE BOSTON GLOBE on September 21, 2001.
Lt. Col. Jerry Don Dickerson
Lt. Col. Jerry Don Dickerson, 41, of Durant, Mississippi, U.S. Army.
Johnnie Doctor Jr.
Johnnie Doctor Jr., 32, of Jacksonville, Florida, an information systems technician first class in the U.S. Navy.
Captain Robert Edward Dolan

Capt. Robert Dolan, led Pentagon branch
Navy Capt. Robert Dolan loved to be at sea, but with each offshore assignment he deeply missed his ...

Profile by Kristen Alloway published in THE STAR-LEDGER.
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